Pictures: Our Trip to Berlin, Germany, in the Summer of 2011

The Siegessäule in Berlin

The Wife and I visited Berlin last summer and had an awesome time. I’m finally getting around to posting the pictures, so we thought we’d share them with you instead of doing a regular old post this week. We hope you dig ’em!

Click any of the pictures below to view the gallery.

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23 responses to “Pictures: Our Trip to Berlin, Germany, in the Summer of 2011

  1. What, no Trabi’s?


  2. Thanks, dear blogger. Those were wonderful pictures. I enjoyed your comments. It seems like a very official looking place.


  3. yeah when I went they were using the Jewish Memorial for sunbathing – at least the Americans were

    you missed Trabby World!


  4. Thanks, now I miss my hometown even more. What with all the phallic symbols, murdered Jews and whatnot. By the way, not that anyone would be interested, but said downtown area is called the Nikolaiviertel.


  5. I was in Berlin last summer as well. What a fabulous place!! Thanks for the memories!


  6. Thanks for sharing this. Even though I don’t like Berlin as a city. I like reading your memories and the way you share them.


  7. First, I can’t BELIEVE you came to Berlin and didn’t even CALL the oldamericanladyinberlin! Second, the ‘downtown’ place was most likely Mitte. Third, I can’t BELIEVE that you don’t have a photo of the Kreuzberg in Viktoria Park (but if you had, since that’s only 2 blocks from our flat, I would have been TWICE as mad that you didn’t call)!!


  8. Amazing pictures! You just made me crave Germany even more! Although I do think you could make a rather (and it can go either way) handsome or bleak living as a German tour guide! I would ride your bus!


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